The Best Revenge is Massive Success

The Best Revenge Is Massive Success

I’m a Frank Sinatra fan, not just for the crooner’s voice but for the saying he made so famous: “The Best Revenge is Massive Success”

I don’t know about you but my career has hardly been an overnight success. It’s had all sorts of setbacks, but one thing it has shown me is that sheer determination and blood, sweat and tears have taught me to never give up. If I say so myself, I am one of the hardest workers I know. It never really feels like work though, even if sometimes it is a sheer slog, I guess it’s whatever you put your mind to you can achieve.

My mother taught me about work ethic, about the importance of not being a leach on society, and always giving back. It’s that role model that I emulate. I’ve gained invaluable lessons from my mistakes, and I am still learning. 

The world’s most successful people have failed time and time again, so why did they make it in the end? Because they never gave up. Tenacity is what gave them the edge. It’s never losing faith that you are on the path to success. It’s the ability to keep on taking baby steps daily in the quest to reach your success. 

It’s learning. A year ago, I met someone that is hugely successful in what he does. I always admire success especially when it’s created by blood, sweat, and tears, sure grit. For a whole year, I asked questions, and I listened and I learned. This friend turned out to be a dishonest and unworthy friend to me, but I am so grateful for what I learned from him, because I took that newly acquired knowledge and started applying it towards my own similar businesses, and guess what? I am a harder worker than he is, probably because as an entrepreneur with 6 kids, I am highly disciplined, so yes, I can get up at 4 am every day and start writing articles, and still juggle my business and family life. I can’t do it all. So I hired SEO experts, and hey presto, instead of having to wait what I anticipated 6 months to a year for this online business to start making money…it started almost straight away. It’s exciting stuff, and yes, the ultimate revenge.

I’m not an “eye for an eye” type. I don’t have time in my life to entertain negativity. I can only embrace forward motion and positive vibes. So ridding myself of toxicity while at the same time taking what I had learned from this friendship and applying it to good in my life just keeps on inspiring me to work harder and achieve my goals. 

Let me inspire you to find the good in bad situations and come out the winner. There are possibilities even when it looks like nothing can come from bad. You can achieve your goals as long as you don’t give up and you push past the self-created barriers that hold you back. 

Success is the best revenge because it’s when we start tasting the first success that we realize just how much we are capable of. That first $100 that I made in the first couple of weeks, made me realize the potential to earn, and it made me hungrier for success and motivated me to work harder than I have in my life.

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