How We Review

At Feminity Embraced our all-female team is so enthusiastic about what we do. There’s enough of us in our team to have expertise in each of our areas. 

Do we personally test all the products?

There are so many products that we review that it wouldn’t be possible to test them all personally, however, we do purchase products and are sent products from the manufacturers to review. I like to review products that I or my fellow reviewers are personally interested in. I love all things girly from clothes, to make-up, hair styling products, and tools, I’m fascinated by anything that enhances my sex life, and I’m super interested in living my best and healthiest life, keeping fit, eating well and I love to bring my findings to you.

What do you mean by the “Best”?

We hold all products to the same standards. We review the best, by taking into consideration the quality vs price of the item. Yes, the $200 pair of Zumba shoes might be the best one overall for quality and features, but does its performance warrant spending $180 more than a very good quality pair? Yes, for a few, price is no object, so they’d rather spend a premium for the very best. Most of our readers like to know they are getting a quality product at the very best price, so we keep that in mind during our review process.

Do you recommend products to get the highest commission?

As you can see from our reviews, we don’t recommend the most expensive products, and in that way, we limit our revenue. At Femininity Embraced we don’t have distracting banner ads or annoying pop-up ads on our site. We aren’t here to make the most amount of money, but to provide a great service to our readers who are enthusiastic about the same activities as us. 

If you aren’t satisfied with a product and you end up returning it we make no commission, so it’s in our best interests that we recommend the best products on the market.
New products are being introduced to the market all the time. We love to hear from our readers about the products they have bought and loved. It inspires us to research and review more. Contact us here