This is a warning to men out there. Yes, you may describe her as “sweet”, you may think she’s lovely and feminine and mannered. She may put you first in her life, and be kind to you and treat you with respect and generosity, but don’t confuse her attributes with weak.

If I had a dollar for every person that described me as sweet and patient, I’d be a wealthy woman. Sweet is what I choose to be, but don’t mistake it as a label of weakness and easy to manipulate.

Women have learned to be inherently strong. We’re no longer going to be stuck in a relationship like our mother’s generation were. One where we will settle for poor behavior. To the men out there that think they can continue to treat a woman with a lack of respect, you are in for a rude awakening when you encounter a strong woman. A strong woman doesn’t need a partner to feel complete, she chooses one for companionship, not from a place of insecurity. She’s happy by herself but would love to share her life with a man that can understand that he’s in a relationship with a strong woman.

A strong woman will not put up with your:

1) Lies

A strong woman isn’t going to put up with your lies for any reason. She is going to call you out on them. They could be to cover up your indiscretions with another woman or as innocuous a reason that you didn’t feel like seeing her so you lied and said you had a prior engagement, yet you headed straight home from work to bed.

There’s no excuse for lying. The best thing is to confess your dishonesty and explain why you felt the need to lie. Apologize, and smarten up. If you want a strong woman in your life, then you need to be honest.

2) Insecurity

There are so many men out there with inferiority complexes and those cases of low self-esteem can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy relationship.

Often it manifests with the man being very jealous and questioning a strong woman without reason about who you’ve spoken to, or who you are going out with.

Strong women have very little patience with insecure men and the subsequent negative results such as pettiness, unkindness and the insistent questions doubting your faithfulness and intentions.

A strong woman wants you to have faith in her moral compass and trust her intentions. She’ll need you to work on your insecurities.

3) Not being encouraging

A strong woman will be swept off her feet by a man that believes in her, encourages her, and is proud of her accomplishments. A strong woman knows where she is going, and she is enthusiastic about new business ventures, and new ideas for her future. If you can’t rally and support a strong woman without it feeling a threat to you, then you are unlikely going to keep that woman in your life.

Be proud of her, admire her and celebrate her. She’s yours, and she’ll stay that way if you celebrate her achievements and support her in her endeavors.

4) Respect

A strong woman will expect your respect, and she will want to see you demonstrate it to others, whether it is someone on the street or your waitress. If you want to keep a strong woman, show that you respect others.

It’s also how you bring up contentious issues. If they are brought up in a calm, and respectful manner, it will elevate you in a strong woman’s eyes when you treat her and those around you with respect.

5) Unreliability

A strong woman wants a dependable man. One that respects her time, and is there when he says he will be. She wants a man that will do what he’s says he will, be where he should be on time, and yes, offer up services of help and for want of a better word, manpower. You know she’s moving, be there to physically help her. She’s had a car accident and she has to deal with the auto body shop…don’t let her go alone.

Be reliable, and let her know that you are there to take care of her, protect her and to help her. A strong woman struggles to ask for help, but if you want to steal her heart, don’t wait for her to ask, and don’t even offer. Offers without follow-through are a turnoff. Just do. Show up ready to be her knight in shining armor. Women can’t be good at everything. They don’t have the physical strength you do. Use it to your advantage to show a strong woman that you are reliable and are there for her no matter what.

6) Be You

A woman wants a man that is in touch with himself. He doesn’t have to prove himself as a man. Women are drawn to masculine men that are secure in their masculinity and don’t need a woman reassuring them constantly about how fabulous they are in bed, or how amazing their body is. She doesn’t want a man to act tough and macho. She knows you’re a man, she’s already yours. Now she wants a man that will be her companion, and she can relate to. A man that is swept up in toxic masculinity is not going to easily allow a strong woman in.

Real men don’t have to be constantly reminded as to how manly they are.

7) Excuses

If you make a mistake..own it. Don’t deflect and try to blame someone else. If you cheat, own it. If you lie, own it. No one else makes you do these things. It’s your choice. A strong woman will not put up with BS. 

Strong women can see through your excuses and can see when you are constantly giving poor reasons for your lack of good decisions. A strong woman will note when you blame others for things you should take responsibility for yourself.

There’s a quote that I love:

A good woman will stay by your side no matter how much you lie, cheat or steal. That woman is your mother, not me.

 A Strong Woman.

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