What every woman wants from a man in a relationship

What every woman wants from a man in a relationship

What is is that every woman seeks from a man that she perceives as high value? A man that understands what a woman fundamentally wants and NEEDS from a relationship. A smart man is in tune with what keeps a woman his and makes sure that her eyes will never wander. He will emulate the following: The three P’S of love.

As a high-value woman, I am only interested in a man that is totally invested in me. I don’t have to guess how he feels, or worry about what’s he’s doing when he’s not with me. I know because he is open and vulnerable and lets me know how he feels. He doesn’t block his feelings, thinking “it’s too soon.” No, he feels, and through those emotions, he emulates the three P’s.

If you are a woman seeking a fulfilling lasting relationship then look for a man that demonstrates that he is up for the task of giving you what you need. You are looking for a man that demonstrates the 3 P’S. It doesn’t make you needy to have requirements, it makes you worthy of a man that needs to meet your standard of a partner.


At a certain point, you want the man you are seeing to be proud to label you as “his”. You are “his girlfriend” or “his fiancee” if the man you are seeing is still introducing you as “his friend” a million red flags should appear.  I dated a man for a few months, and I could never bring myself to call him my boyfriend. He didn’t act like one. He was not protective, there were no acts of service and he never seemed proud of me on his arm. Likewise, if the man you consider your boyfriend isn’t shouting it from the rooftops and introducing you to all his friends…then it’s a sign that he’s not all in.

I’m not saying he should change his facebook status a month after meeting you…but 6 months in? Yep, if he hasn’t professed to the world that you are his, and he’s mightily proud of that fact, then he doesn’t love you. A man that cares deeply for you doesn’t necessarily have to say “I love you” but demonstrates it with how he treats you, and the respect he shows you when around others. To hear a man say in front of his friends that you are an amazing cook, or he doesn’t remember when he was so happy…those affirmations are the ones that count.


I know what it feels like to be protected, to have a man that wants to not only make sure that physical harm doesn’t happen, but emotional too. My ex-husband was the master of shielding me from emotional pain, people that were callous and mean. There’s nothing more alluring than walking down a street and the man you are with physically making sure you are safe. Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly capable of walking down a street and not getting hit by a car, but as a woman, I am drawn to a man, that innately feels like his job is to protect me. The polarity between a masculine dominant male, protecting a feminine more submissive female is about the sexist dynamic that exists in a caring relationship.

Protection doesn’t mean having a brawl in a bar for an inappropriate comment aimed at his woman. No, it’s making sure that he walks you to your car at night. I dated this amazingly chivalrous man. No matter if he was dashing trying to get ready for work, he would always escort me down to my car. The next man I dated…didn’t even get out of bed to see me to the door, let alone my car! Lol.

That feeling of protection draws you into him and makes you start to develop feelings for him. He’s helping to create the chemistry that is so necessary for a healthy relationship.


Ah, I struggle with this one! I am so independent, I always have been. In my last relationship, I always offered to pay, and I know it created a very unsexy dynamic. I guess I never want to be seen as a gold digger, but in my attempts to be independent, I emasculated him. Women are designed to receive. We are created anatomically to receive, it is entirely in our feminine when we graciously receive. Let your man provide. If he can’t afford to provide in a financial way such as treating you to meals and trips to the theatre, then allow him to provide in other ways; cooking meals for you, mowing your lawn, little acts of service from putting air in your car tires, to hanging a picture.

It is the very core of manhood to be a provider. A man that accuses a woman of being a golddigger, isn’t aware that he is shirking in his responsibilities. A man that provides and enjoys the accolades of appreciation will continue to do so merely because it makes him feel more fulfilled and more like a man than anything else.

If we don’t experience Profess, Protect and Provide, then it is highly unlikely that our relationship will thrive. Women are hardwired to desire these three things. Men will jump through hoops for a woman they are in love with. If he doesn’t offer up the 3 P’s it’s time to reevaluate and find a man that will step up and make you his queen.

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