I could look back on 2019 as my annus horribilis or I can look back on it as a year of incredible growth and learning. A year where I became intrepid and no longer was scared to be alone, or to no longer have a business partner. A year where I bought a second home as a single woman. A year where I discovered that I can do difficult things, in fact, I can do anything I put my mind to.

I can look back and think of all the unpleasant things that happened, the dishonest people I’ve met, or I can look back and be grateful to those who have shown me who I do not want to be, and those I no longer want to associate with. I have learned to empower myself by cutting people out of my life that no longer align with my belief of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If I see someone treating me or others unkindly and with a lack of respect, they get cut out of my life. And you know what? It’s freeing. It’s freeing to remove negative and dishonest people that do not deserve my friendship and trust.

So I am not looking back at 2019 as a disastrous year. I am looking at 2019 as the stepping stone to a fabulous 2020. I believe that 2020 is a year to manifest some amazing things into my life. I strongly believe that in 2020 I will:

Meet the man I will fall in love with. A tall order for sure as I tend to keep my emotions very much in check. My heart is healed and I am receptive to finding a man that is open and communicative, respectful and loving. And, you know what? If I don’t meet Mr. Right this year, that’s okay too. I want to find that one man that I want to spend the rest of my life with, so although I’m emotionally ready, I am in no rush.

I will find my stride in my business ventures. My divorce for sure derailed me, years of seeing my spouse struggle with mental illness, and then the toll that our separation took upon me and my children. I am back on track, full of determination, motivation, and focus. I am beyond excited about the endless possibilities.

I do what I love, and I love what I do. I’m going to expand my horizons in my businesses and see them grow. I don’t have anything or anyone keeping me back, so I can focus and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

This year I am going to focus on self-care. That fell by the wayside this year. Busyness took over, and I stopped going for a daily walk, and I stopped going to the gym. I need to do those things because when I feel healthier I am better able to take care of those that I love. I feel stronger and more capable when I take care of myself.

2020 is the year of freedom. I am no longer controlled by anyone. It took some time to get used to freedom, and now I know I won’t give that up again. A healthy relationship is not controlling. I have no desire to control anyone else, nor should they want to control me. I am free. Free to choose. It’s liberating and it makes me feel like anything is possible.

I am going into 2020 the happiest and most grateful I have ever been. I am beyond blessed, and I have a tribe of amazing friends and family that support and uplift me.

Every year I choose a “word of the year”. This year my word is: tenacity. Those that don’t give up eventually succeed. If you give up, you never know that success may be just around the corner. Those that persevere and keep going even when they seem to be hitting up against a brick wall…those are the ones that are successful.

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