The 5 Best Spray Tan Machine Kits Reviewed 2020

Spray tan machines are an optimum choice for professional cosmetologists and self-tanning fanatics. Today, people are looking for budget-friendly and efficient ways to add spray tans in the list of their specialized services, or to use at home without having to go to the tanning salon. Luckily, there are plenty of models and brands available in the market to choose from. If you are like me, and have teenage daughters, it’s going to save you a bundle of money and time at the tanning salon.

In this guide, we are going to provide you with an extensive knowledge of the 5 best spray tan machine kits for 2020 that are easy-to-use and can provide you or your customers with a gorgeous and natural-looking glow. We have selected all these products on the basis of their efficiency, price, and their ability to suit everyone’s needs.

Oasis Spray Tan Machine KitNorvell Sunless KitAura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit
Weight 20 lbs. 45 lbs. 18 lbs.
Gun Oasis all-in-one HVLP HVLP
Solutions 2 3 3

1. Oasis Spray Tan Machine Kit with Norvell Sunless Tanning Solution Bundle with Disposable Spa Feet and Pop up Tent

This spray tanning machine is probably one of the best tan guns available in the market. The manufacturers have engineered this tan gun with professional inspiration and precision to make sure that their creation is the most convenient and portable cosmetology tool in the field.

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The bundle includes 1 all-in-one spray tanning machine, 1 Norvell Venetian Solution (8 oz.), 1 Norvell Ultra-Vivid Cosmo Solution (8 oz.), and 1 Norvell Pre-Sunless XLATAN PH balancing spray (8 oz.).

Let’s have a look at some key features of Oasis spray tan machine kit:

  • With this spray tan machine, you get a set of pink disposable sandals, 1 XL black skylight styled spray tanning tent, and a carrying bag for convenient and mess-free tanning experience.
  • The micro-mist nozzle can provide a perfect, streak-free, bronzed colored glow to your skin. The nozzle is made from professional corrosion-proof stainless steel instead of plastic to ensure durability and strength.
  • This product is very lightweight, mobile and compact so you can take it along whenever you are on the go.
  • The tanning solutions provided by Novell are free from parabens, gluten, sulfate, phthalate, Triclosan, and GMO. All of them have natural fragrance and are also 100% nut-allergen free and vegan.
  • The tan gun is integrated with a powerful and strong mini turbine, which makes this device the most unique among all.
  • It features a FlexiMyst removable spray head to give you flexibility and ease of cleaning. Its modular tan delivery system enables you to point different tanning solutions for your routine sessions or to simply give you precise atomization.
  • There are horizontal and vertical fan spray patterns to give maximum coverage during the tanning session. It comes with a suitable base so you can keep the machine on a flat surface without worrying about tumbling.
  • You get an extra solution bottle with a cap to store the product effectively.
  • The trigger buttons over the unit regulate the atomization and fluid flow, the knob over the trigger can preset the spray, the power switch is a push-button present at the base while the power cord comes with a ground fault circuit interrupter to enhance user safety.

2. Norvell Sunless Kit – M1000 Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine

For many generations, the Norvell family has endeavored to combine skill and science to provide state of the art technology to their customers. Norvell Sunless Kit is one of their most popular spray tanning systems. The bundle includes 1 HVLP mobile spray tanning system, different Norvell tanning handheld solutions such as ultra-vivid cosmo light solution (8 oz.), Venetian solution (8 oz.) and Dark solution (8 oz.).

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This spray tan machine can give flawless result and quality product performance through its key features such as:

  • You can use this product to add a clean, professional, and enjoyable sunless tanning experience for yourself and your clients (can be kept in a salon or a house).
  • This spray tan machine is manufactured expertly so you can apply Norvell premium tanning solutions perfectly and optimally. It has a lightweight system that delivers a flawless spray for a smooth and even application.
  • This product is very lightweight, mobile and compact so you can take it along whenever you are on the go.
  • The tan solutions have antioxidants to give a pleasant bronze color to your skin. All of them are praise-worthy, sweet-smelling formulations scented with allergen-proof natural essences.
  • The Norvell Dark handheld solution has a warm, brown undertone to give you a natural tan. It is an exclusive mixture of different bronzers and works on micro-nutrient technology to give a perfect boost to your natural skin color.
  • The Dark solution is a natural color complex and a combination of botanical extracts and vitamins to smooth, hydrate, tighten and protect your skin. It features a breakthrough odor control technology (ordenone) to reduce the foul smell usually caused by tanning products.
  • The Venetian handheld solution has a cool, violet- brown undertone to give your tan an exotic look. It features a unique blend of VIO-7 designed particularly to prevent the unwanted orange tinge in the tan.
  • The ultra-vivid cosmo light handheld solution is a blend of Novell’s Venetian and Dark solution. It has a vanilla summer fragrance to eradicate the sunless tanning smell. The manufacturers have made it from natural and organic ingredients to give your skin a long-lasting brightening, firming, moisturization, and smoothness.

3. Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit with Norvell Sunless Airbrush Tanning Solution and Professional Black Tanning Tent

This product is destined to provide ease to your routine tanning sessions. It is known to deliver a smooth/even spray feeling on the user’s skin along with minimum solution wastage and full coverage of the body.

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This spray tan machine comes with a traditionally styled sprayer, a cord management base, an integrated cup holder, and a German-engineered turbine unit.

Some of its features and specifications are discussed below:

  • The bundle includes spray tanning machine, 3 pack spray tan product bundle, carrying bag, and an XL skylight style spray tanning tent.
  • To enhance the smoothness in its workflow, the creators have added a retractable carry handle and a removable gun holder. This machine can be used by salon owners, mobile tanners, and home users, etc.
  • It is very lightweight and has a lavish, luxurious, and classical design. Its glossy back surface and metallic finish make it one of the most aesthetic-looking and appealing products on the market.
  • This machine is very compact; its carry handle is retractable, and overall, you can easily manage and store it however you want.
  • It features a gold filtration duct to collect the residues and overspray. Later, the overspray is directed behind the side panel of the given turbine unit and then to a filter (discreetly present under the unit). With the help of this feature, this machine promotes less wastage and more product permanency.
  • The solution dial in the unit has a particular solution control capability that adds precession to the fluid flow, which is very important if you want to tan different body parts.
  • It also features a Patented Satin Nozzle technology to give atomization to the spray fan. This technology can increase the solution’s usability and give you the smoothest tan application and perfect full-body coverage.
  • The turbine is very compact, easy to store, and clutter-free. It comes with very few cable attachments, thus making it easy for you to control the cable tripping and accidents. The turbine is also noiseless (use only 76 decibels).
  • The motor unit comes with ON/OFF grooved dial with a convenient grip. There is no spillage from the unit, which makes frequent cleaning unnecessary.
  • The turbine is German-engineered, cannot overheat, and also doesn’t need long cooling periods to function, which means you can work it for longer duration.

4. MaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume HVLP Spray Tanning System

If you are looking for a perfect spray tan unit for your high-volume salon that can give unsurpassed performance and dependability, look no further then MaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume HVLP Spray Tanning System.

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This machine features a powerful, strong 2 stage variable speed turbine motor that is sure to handle more than 50 applications in a single day. It comes with the company’s pro series spray gun package.

Let’s discuss some of its main features in detail:

  • With the help of variable speed control, you can dial in the exact amount of airflow that is required to apply a tanning solution perfectly. You can set it at its lowest setting, and this machine will still give you the most flawless result while working quitter than the other models in the market.
  • It is a great professional kit for busy, high-end volume technicians who want something that is simple to operate, beginner-friendly, and easy to maintain.
  • This perfect HVLP unit that runs at 72 decibels and comes with a hose that will never spill out the back of the machine, thanks to its exclusive EZ connect feature.
  • You will also find EZ flex Zero Memory, and Quick Connects with air supply hose, features that are unique to this spray tan machine. The creators have used distinctive lightweight heat-proof alloy fittings with rubber protected boots.
  • The bundle also includes one extra-long, extra-flexible hose that permits 360 movements around the user for easy and even front to back spraying.
  • With the client blow-dry feature, the unit can blow a constant airflow for soft drying; however, if you want, you can separate the gun from the air hose and get intense high-speed air current to achieve fast drying.
  • The gun can be adjusted for vertical or horizontal spray pattern application. With the EZ flip air dial, you can choose between horizontal, vertical, or airbrush mode through its push, twist, and click mechanism.
  • For effective solution utilization, the tip and needle size is accurate with a soft tip spray pressure. The exclusive setup of this kit can provide you with the most precise atomization and softest spray as compared to any other system in the business.

5. MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System (HVLP)

This spray tan machine is an ideal choice for budget-conscious people who are looking for a perfect tanning unit for their home, salons, or mobile tech.

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With this spray tanning system, you can use more than 10 applications per day. Its design is lightweight, fully mobile, but the best thing about this product is its affordable price tag and beginner-friendly nature so the user can use it all the way with the utmost convenience possible.

This new, modern, bespoke design with whisper-quiet operation features:

  • It has a virtually clog-free design, so it is easy to use and beginner-friendly. It comes with three XENA spray heads with three 7 oz. cups thus; it is the most advanced unit in the Allure line of products.
  • Once you are done with the session, you can remove the spray head and dry the customer with its handled hose attachment and blow-dry feature.
  • The spray gun incorporates a non-stick needle that can virtually remove the corrosion and buildup of tanning solution to avoid clog formation.
  • The simple adjustments at the trigger enable you to regulate the airflow and apply all the tanning solutions with perfect precision.
  • This machine is easy to use for both horizontal as well as vertical spray pattern application. With the Soft Touch Fine Mist feature, you can get a professional level finish from your head to toe.
  • The Whisper Tech Quiet Turbine makes less noise (only 72 decibels) and adds more flexibility for mobile techs, salons, and spas. There is a retractable hidden carry handle that neatly sits within the structure of the turbine and pulls up to facilitate better storing and transportation of the machine.
  • It also comes with unique turbine filtration air filtration placement, with the help of which the over spray can channel behind the side panel and move to the filter underneath the kit. With the on board spray gun storage area, it is now easy to store this product effectively and safely.

Buyers Guide

Not all spray tan machines are created equal, so we wanted to point out things that you should be looking for in a spray tan system.

How much do you need to cover an entire body?

We recommend that the unit holds at least 2oz of tanner solution to cover at least your entire body once. Personally, I like a little more as I like to spray my legs more than once.

Find the right spray pattern

You’ll want a sprayer that has a spray area of 2-6”. A sprayer that has 16” is going to waste a lot of solution in overspray. An HVLP gun with a 18 inch spray pattern is way too big for your needs, you are just spraying the surrounds when a smaller spray pattern will do the work just as efficiently without wasting money.

Like most things, you get what you pay for. We selected moderately priced units that offer a quality, even spray tan that will save you loads of money at the tanning salon.

Final Thoughts

After reading this extensive guide about the best spray tan machine, hopefully you have decided on the kit that is perfect for you and your salon. While they are the best-selling and high-rated products available today, it is still very important to buy the machine that suits your needs the best.

After reading this extensive guide about the best spray tan machine, hopefully you have decided on the kit that is perfect for you and your salon. While they are the best-selling and high-rated products available today, it is still very important to buy the machine that suits your needs the best.


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