FREE Printable for Busy Moms

Are you anything like me that you have a million and one things to do daily, and at the end of the day when it’s too late to call the doctor for a follow-up visit or make a hair appointment for your son who desperately needs it you suddenly remember?

I’m a paper and pen person. I love the sense of achievement when I cross off my list another thing done. It gives me a mini-high, a virtual pat on the back. I feel like I’ve got my act together. Now, of course, I don’t but the sense that I am in control by writing things down especially since my kids are older and are pulling me in a million and one directions is helpful.

I’ve made two lists for you. A “To-Do” list that really is a MUST DO list. It’s perfect to motivate you to get things done.

I’ve created another one which is “I GET TO…” Reframe all your I have tos to I Get To! I get to run my son to karate. I get to watch my daughter dance in her first recital. I get to drop off cupcakes at the school for teacher appreciation day. It makes you feel like your life is a privilege, you have a choice and it evokes a sense of gratitude. So no more, “I have to go to the gym today.” Try instead, “I get to go to the gym today.” How lucky are you!

So print out a bunch of my free printables, and put them on a clipboard. Remember it’s baby steps. We can’t expect miracles, it’s a slow process to get more organized, but a little effort every day, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you’ve achieved in a week.

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