When you have a strong mother

When You Have a Strong Mother

When you have a strong mother…you believe you can conquer the world

I am beyond blessed. I have a mother who has shown me by example that I am enough. She taught me from a young age, that I am worthy of respect from men. I remember clearly on my 18th birthday my boyfriend at the time kissing my best friend at my party! My little 18-year-old heart was broken. She taught me to self-love and value myself, and to elevate myself from liars and cheats.

She taught me that I don’t need a man to feel a sense of fulfillment, that I am more than enough on my own. She taught me to value myself and my body, and in doing so I naturally create a level of respect from others. My sense of self-worth does not stem from whether I have a man in my life or not.

If you are lucky enough to have a strong mother as I do, you learn how to be independent. You learn that it isn’t feminine to be a doormat and never stand up for yourself, or accept poor behavior. You learn to set expectations and boundaries. How to navigate conflict in a strong yet compassionate way. You learn not only how to survive on your own, but how to thrive on your own. You learn how to take care of yourself and your family because she so lovingly took care of you.

When you have a strong mother as I do, you learn to stay away from toxic people. I have no time in my life for negativity. I embrace and attract positive, forward-thinkers to my life. The people that uplift and support me as I do them. I don’t allow people to talk down to me. I demand a certain amount of respect. Yes, I am a woman, but I am more than a body, so if you can’t see me for the value of my friendship, and loyalty, and how I can enhance your life, then I will pass you by.

I know what true love feels like because my strong mother taught me. It’s not about doing everything for someone, it’s not being a pushover, it’s about knowing how love feels, knowing that it is unconditional, it’s embracing how good it feels when one is truly loved and appreciated.

My mother taught me that strong girls do cry. We are not weak when we cry, we are in touch with our feelings. We are never stronger than when we realize we work through our problems and then come out even more empowered and a more evolved person. We understand that life hurls obstacles in our path, unwanted pregnancies, divorce, illness in the family, but we overcome it all because deep down we are built on the foundation that our strong mothers built for us.

My mother didn’t put me on a pedestal. She kept things real for me. She allowed me to fail, and learn from my mistakes. She didn’t try to fix everything for me, she merely supported me. She instilled in me what it means to be feminine and strong at the same time. She showed me that no one else can determine my worth, only I can do that. She taught me to be tenacious and my high work ethic I owe completely to her.

When you have a strong mother as I do, you know that if the lawn needs mowing, or a room needs painting, you’d better get on with it. She taught me not to be a princess, she instilled in me, “I can do anything” kind of attitude. She taught me to stand on my own two feet and not make excuses. She taught me not to blame, but to accept. She taught me to be the change that I wanted in my life.

When you have a strong mother, you become a strong woman. I am lucky to have two daughters of my own, who are strong, beautiful young women, and I admire them so much, and I hope I pass down to them what my mother has taught me.

When you have a strong mother, just like mine, you can do anything you put your mind to. You can accomplish great things and have healthy, dynamic relationships. It’s the best gift you will ever receive. I owe everything I am and have to my mum, who is my inspiration and my role model.

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