What every woman wants from a relationship

Have you ever met someone really thinking he’s the one only to be let down realizing that he was playing on an image that he knew you would fall for? A successful, good looking man that is looking for his Mrs. Right?

What is is that we are really looking for? That if we were going to dig down really deep and raw, what would we tell a man? 

  • How he makes us feel

If a man only knew that essentially we are looking for a man that makes us feel so special. That we are cherished, adored, loved and yes revered. That we feel secure that in his eyes we are the only woman for him. That his eyes never wander, because he is so enamored with us. He makes you feel like you could conquer the world. That with him by your side you can do anything, be anything.

2) He is a giver. 

 More than anything he gives of himself purely because it makes him feel good and he knows you appreciate it. He serves, you need that picture hung that’s been sitting on the floor? He goes and grabs a hammer and asks where you need it? It pleases him to make you happy, and in allowing him to do so you let him experience that “Hero” feeling that draws him closer to you and makes him feel more connected to you.

3) That there is a future with him

If you know you want to get married again one day, you want to know from early on that he is a possibility. If he says he never wants to get married again, it kills that sense of longevity. You need to be on the same wavelength. He needs to feel that you are so special that he would be lucky to have you to say yes to being his wife. 

4) That he is a provider

This is a tricky one. We as women are so independent and don’t need a man to take care of us financially. But ask yourself deep down, do we want to know that a man has the ability to, and would want to take care of us? Yes. We want to know that we are the soft nurturing ones, he is the provider and protector. It’s one of the factors that creates great polarity in a relationship. 

It’s so important to know what we want from a man so that as we enter a relationship we can guide him to meet our expectations and give it a chance to thrive.

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