Why every woman should shoot a boudoir session

Why every woman should shoot a boudoir session

I’d bought a package for a boudoir shoot at 37…I really wish I had done one then. Instead I felt so shy doing it that it took me an evolved 10 years to summon up the courage.

What is a boudoir shoot?

No, it’s not a porn shoot, not even close. In fact, most photographers won’t even shoot you naked. It’s really you wearing something that you feel sexy in. It could be lingerie, or really any clothing that makes you feel feminine and comfortable.

What was my experience like?

I had a photographer that flew into town to shoot mine. She was very experienced, very encouraging and made me feel comfortable. I love lingerie, so my hard part was narrowing down which lingerie I wanted to be photographed in. My shoot was in a hotel suite close to the airport in Tampa.

You are looking for a well organized and professional shoot. It’s not easy taking your clothes off in front of a stranger, let alone another woman!

She is going to know what poses look best on you. I suggest you just relax and go with the flow. You want the best images, and there’s nothing sexy about stiff and awkward poses. I guess I’m lucky because as a dancer I follow directions well. It made our photo shoot go really quickly. But honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it, take a deep breath, try different facial expressions from smiling to sultry pouts, and enjoy.

One other thing, they are going to Photo shot your photos to make you look gorgeous. Stop worrying about every dimple and blemish. Be proud of your body and the way it looks. That confidence is going to come out in your photos.

This was such a fun experience for me. It was a time when my love life was tanking, and I didn’t feel particularly good about myself or how my life was going. This shoot was the start of things in my life rapidly improving, gaining back my self-confidence and tackling the challenges that lay ahead with tenacity and sheer grit. I’d do another shoot now in a heartbeat. If you’re in a relationship or married, I can’t think of a gift your significant other would enjoy more!

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