Everyone has five minutes

What are five minutes in his day? Five minutes to text you or five minutes to give you a call? Time after time I will let a man go, because he proves to me that he doesn’t care to make an effort. I have children, several businesses, two homes to take care of, however when a man calls, I don’t put him on speaker, or a horrible Bluetooth connection, I give him my undivided attention. What is so difficult that men I encounter don’t seem to understand that it’s insulting if they only ever call when they are driving, and you hear the running commentary about other crazy drivers on the road, or when they are washing the dishes, and the noise of clanging pans is distracting and deafening. 

I am tired of having to ask them to repeat themselves because they don’t have 5 minutes in a day to sit down and chat and it’s hard to hear what he is saying.  I don’t need to chat for hours, and indeed, I prefer not to, but don’t say you want me in your life if you don’t even have five minutes in a day to give me your undivided attention. My dating resolution for this year is to value myself and when people do not treat me in a manner than I deem respectful and considerate, I am going to move on and pass them by. 

I am no longer going to wonder why they don’t call or check in with me just to see how I am, or to see what my plans are for the day, I am merely going to find a man that does. Actions speak louder than words, and I expect the same treatment from a man that I give him. Anything less, and it speaks volumes. 

It is only when we come from a place of high value, that we really start to know our true worth. We are worth a few minutes of a man’s time a day, and if you aren’t valuable enough to him now for him to give that to you, I doubt you will be further down the road. A man that is curious, and wants to know more about you, the way you think, what your day looks like, what your routine is, that’s a man that is interested in you. You as a woman, you as a person. 

There are so many potential dates out there, so don’t sell yourself short with someone that can’t carve out a little time for you daily. If he’s truly interested in you, he’ll want to give the precious commodity of time to you. 

So remember the following:

1) You deserve to be more than an afterthought.

2) Your life is more important than waiting for a man to contact you. Go out with friends, make plans, and don’t put your life on hold.

3) If he’s not making plans with you, he’s never going to commit to you. 

4) Don’t be so desperate that you will put up with poor behavior from a man. I promise you…there are plenty more out there! Men that will be enamored with you and treat you well.

5) You’re more than just a bedmate. If he can’t make you a priority and carve out time for you, then he doesn’t get to share your bed.

A man that doesn’t make time for is dangerous if you start bonding emotionally with him as it’s going to chip away at your self-esteem. He’ll make feel needy and less than. You deserve more, your time is precious too, and your heart even more so. Find a man that values you, and respects you and wants to make time for you.

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