The Law of Attraction

I get so excited by this topic. You can have all the strategies in the world, but nothing, nothing beats the power of mindset and the power behind manifesting what you want for yourself in life. Not just business, but, health, love, finances. It is manifesting your desires to come into being. This for sure is heads and shoulders above anything in business so as facebook ads or list building strategies, because if you don’t have this piece in place, nothing else really matters. Anyway, who doesn’t want to know about how to create more of what you want in your life? Yes, we all do. So let me tell you a few things to entice you, especially if you are on the fence and you don’t know if this is your cup of tea. It is happening whether you believe it or not. Just like gravity, it is going to happen whether you like it or not. You don’t get to choose to be stuck to the ground, right? Whether you want to use gravity or not. Whether you know how to control it or not. So by understanding how it works, you put yourself in a power position, So everything in life comes down to two things. It is either empowering you or disempowering you. When we feel empowered we feel incontrol, things are going our way, we are happier, we are more at peace and we are free. So learning what the Law of Attraction is, and how to use it is one of the most important things you could do for yourself, because your entire life and reality is a reflection of your belief system, and that’s where the magic happens. Life isn’t happening to you or for you it’s happening from you. It’s so fundamental to your success and healthy mindset.

We all want to be happy, but so often we get stuck in our own way and start attracting things that we don’t really want. And this a way to turn it around. I am a skeptic and a very logical person, and so I understand the idea that this is all cuckoo. But just like christians believe is “ask and you shall receive” this is the same concept. So it’s the same idea of ASK, BELIEVE AND RECEIVE. It’s funny though, I think about the times I have successfully set a clear intention and  manifested my desires, and other times it has felt like pushing water up a hill. It’s so important to keep reframing our beliefs and be proactive and mindful.

The Law of Attraction is a very misunderstood concept. I am looking forward to clearing up what it is, and why it’s not really about attraction and how you can use it create the right mindset to invite the things into your life that you want.

So what is the Law of Attraction? It is a Universal Law, much like gravity that states, “Like Attracts Like” meaning like energy attracts like energy. Like gravity, it is going to happen whether you like it or not. In other words, you don’t get to choose whether you are stuck to the ground nor do you get to choose the Law of Attraction.

Everything in the universe is made up of the same energetic particles, yes, even you. Your home, your cars, your possessions, your money, your emotions, your relationships, your beliefs and thoughts are all vibrating at a certain frequency. Which then attracts like frequencies. So the vibration of your thoughts creates more like thoughts, so positive thoughts create more positive thoughts. There’s also a deeper level at work and that affects everything.

The word “attraction” is very misleading. It’s not a GIVE TO GET universe, but a “BE AND IS” universe. It’s not a good vs bad, or reward vs punishment, the universe doesn’t give or take and it doesn’t barter. For many of us it creates the feelings of, if I am good I will get this, and if I am bad, then this will happen. The Universe is not Santa on Christmas Eve, it doesn’t deliver it reflects.

You must be it to see it.

So there are are some crucial mistake that people make with the Law of attraction:

The blame game

As soon as you start to blame, you give your power away. We only have the power to create when we are owning it. You want to make sure you are in the driver’s seat, so stop the blame game.

Mistake no 2: Wishy washy requests.

(Explain the cheese burger/salad mess up.

Mistake no three: not asking at all!

This is heartbreaking. So many of us don’t ask at all, we don’t even think to ask. Not asking is the way to ensure that you will never get it. You don’t have to feel guilty for asking. It isn’t a guilt game. Your purpose is to expand. The universe is always expanding. It wants you to expand with it. It’s kind of like sex. Bear with me. In nature it’s constantly moving forward and evolving, and we were put on earth to procreate and sex feels good, so we will desire it, so we will procreate. The entire universe is going in the same way, it’s always expanding. If you are always true to yourself and honest about what you want you are always going to move in the direction of receiving and towards your expansion. It’s the purpose of life, it’s not about a job, it’s to be a fully expressed person who is in your fully expansive and lit up state. So honour your desires and let yourself want what you want.

Mistake number four. Stop worrying about the “How”

You don’t need to concern yourself with how, you just have to know what it is you want. You use your intuition to lead yu there. The universe is smarter than you. We have a very small perspective, but the universe is expansive, it is bigger than you could possibly imagine. When you let go of how, it’s letting go of stress and worry. So just believe and start small and see how the universe has your back

Lastly, don’t become attached to the outcome. That creates resistance and blocks off flow, it makes it too narrow a perspective and it can create feelings of disappointment. You can’t see what is possible for you if you are too attached to the outcome. Concentrate on the emotional experience and always leave room for something better. Desperation is a desire repellent. Being needy doesn’t get what you want.

Isn’t this the most fascinating topic? I find it so amazing that you can literally manifest a life of your dreams. By believing and asking and being willing to receive you can start to live a limitless life that all begins in the mind. Download the attached workbook to get further clarity on THe Law of Attraction, and join us over in the facebook group and let us know your thoughts.

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