The 7 Best Rated Rabbit Vibrators Reviewed 2020

The 7 Best Rated Rabbit Vibrators Reviewed 2020

I remember in my early 20’s being really confused about my rabbit vibrator. Can you believe when I got married I threw it out? Clearly, I didn’t know what I was missing out on. They are one of my favorite sex toys. Why? Because most women can’t orgasm purely through penetration. We can experience immense pleasure, but orgasms are rather elusive.

However, the magic of a rabbit vibrator is that they do double duty, stimulating your g-spot as well as your clitoris at the same time. Got to love the efficiency!

1. G Spot Rabbit Vibrator with Bunny Ears

A couple of thousand people can’t be wrong, can they? I think this is one of those toys that more expensive is not an indicator of performance. This rabbit does exactly what it should do. It hits my g-spot just right and well, yes…the rabbit portion of it does a great number on my clit. The head of the vibrator part is ergonomically angled to hit your pleasure zone. With multiple settings you can get to play around with it and see which one works best for you.

It is USB charged, so you can quickly recharge it between sessions. I think everyone needs a rabbit sex toy in their life…and this beauty is whisper quiet so you don’t need to blast music while you are pleasuring yourself!

It’s waterproof so you can continue the fun in the bathtub. Literally, it’s so good, if it took you to dinner, you wouldn’t need a man in your life!

2. GSPY Vibrating G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

What’s not to love about 9 inches long, ergonomically designed with a bendable head that discovers that elusive g-spot? Made of silicone it’s soft and silky to the touch. Use it with water-based lube and get imaginative with it and use it on your nipples (or your partners), your clit, or vaginally.

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It’s rechargeable so no worrying about the batteries dying on you. I tend to charge mine after using it a few times, and I’ve never been left high and dry!

Double motors in both the main shaft and the bunny ears. Definitely a lot of fun for very little investment.

Here’s what one reviewer on Amazon said about it:

“If you’re looking for a quiet & powerful massager to get all the kinks out, stop right here & order this one! I haven’t been impressed with any other massager, but this one is a show-stopper for sure. It’s USB charged, so there’s no need to worry about the batteries running low or out when you’re in the need of a little release. It comes with 2 charging cords & is super simple to charge and power up. The lifelike detailing only adds to the experience in the best way possible. That coupled with the multi-speeds and rabbit “helper” will ensure a satisfying Friday night alone or with a partner ;-)”

3. UTIMI Vibrating G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Well, I love pink, and this is a very pretty looking rabbit vibrator, so that’s already a plus! This best-seller is made of medical-grade ABS and silicone and has a soft, silky touch. It does double duty as a vibrator and a clitoral stimulator.

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You’ll need to stock up on AA batteries as it doesn’t come with batteries.

One five star reviewer said: “For a long time, I thought that I just couldn’t have an orgasm. Nothing and no one worked. This not only gave me my first orgasm but even made me squirt! The double stimulation is perfect; perfect sizing (not too big not too small) and the different speeds are awesome.”

10 speeds to play around with…just remember to log out of your shared Prime account with your kids before ordering this one!

4. The Imo G-Spot Vibrator

The IMO G-Spot vibrator is like a party between your legs. It’s rather fun too! It lights up with a different color for each of the 7 vibration modes and features 5 different speeds. It’s super quiet, but I can’t guarantee that you will be quiet using this sex toy.

It has a handy USB charger and a single charge lasts 1.5 hours.

The IMO G-Spot vibrator is the perfect toy for incredible solo play or to add a fabulous new dimension to foreplay with your partner.

5. The Perfect Match – Flexible Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy

The Perfect Match by Sweet Vibrations Sex Toy is a quality rabbit vibrator that will not disappoint. I love it because I can achieve a really deep orgasm with the independently vibrating tip. The toy is silky soft and made from silicone. This is the toy you have been searching for!

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It features dual tips and 10 amazing massage settings that are whisper quiet. The Perfect Match comes with a forever warranty! They say they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

USB charged and a single charge lasts an impressive 2 hours. It comes beautifully packaged with a discreet carrying case, and it’s waterproof so your fun can follow you to the bathroom.

Often a rabbit vibrator doesn’t work, because it is too stiff and you can’t position it in the correct places. The Perfect Match is silky soft and uniquely flexible. No more straining to hit the right spots at the same time. Instead, enjoy a comfortable yet exciting and easy to use sex toy that stimulates the g spot and the clitoris with ease.

6. Happy Rabbit Happy Rabbit G-Spot Pink Vibrator

Alright…this list just keeps getting better and better! What do you get when you mix pink, pretty and 15 amazing powerful vibrations? Yep…tons of orgasms all thanks to the Happy Rabbit G-Spot vibrator. If you want to feel your legs quiver within in a minute, this sex toy is the one for you.

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Rechargeable with a handy dandy USB charger for hours of orgasmic fun. 2 powerful motors, one in the shaft, and one in the rabbit portion. The shaft has three speeds and 9 patterns, and the rabbit ears has three different speeds, The head of the toy is curved to hit your elusive pleasure spot. It’s just pure deliciously fun. The Happy Rabbit is also waterproof. Your partner is going to love teasing and edging you with this powerful toy. ( I suggest you put a towel underneath you because unexpected things happen with this toy!)


  • 3 speeds in the ears
  • USB rechargeable for play wherever and whenever you want
  • 2 whisper-quiet, waterproof, super-powerful motors
  • Waterproof
Size base diameter:

  • 2 inches
  • base type flat

  • length 9.5 inches
  • 4.75 inches
  • Insert able length 5.25 inches

7. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibe

Alright…I saved the best for last! Yep, I LOVE the Greedy Girl Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator…it has a sensational 36 possible vibration mode combinations to give you the most intense pleasure and deep multiple orgasms. It’s so good you don’t even know what it’s doing to you, it just is an overwhelmingly delicious experience that every woman deserves.

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This fabulous sex toy is USB rechargeable, waterproof and designed to deliver maximum enjoyment. It has two powerful motors and 15 speeds and patterns. Your partner is going to go to town on you with this rabbit. 2 motors power the vibrations in the shaft, and team that with the 3 powerful vibrations in the ears…you had better hold on for an u=intense ride!

It comes ready for travel with a silk bag, it should really come with a silk blindfold…now that would be a fun addition! I can’t say enough good things about this sexy beast.


  • 2 Powerful Motors
  • 15 speeds and patterns
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

User Guide

How to find your elusive G-Spot

To use a rabbit vibrator effectively, you need to know the spot that you are trying to find in your vagina; the elusive G-Spot pleasure zone.

Firstly….Where is my G-Spot?

The G-spot is on the roof of the vagina. If a woman is lying on her back, it’s about 3 inches into her vagina in the 12 o’clock position. It’s VERY difficult for a woman to find her own G-spot as the location of it makes it almost impossible for her to discover it and pleasure herself with her own fingers, hence why there are so many fabulous curved vibrators on the market designed to hit this elusive pleasure spot.

What does my G-Spot Feel like?

It feels like the roof of your mouth, yet softer. Little more dimpled or puckered. It feels different from the rest of your vagina.

Why can’t I find my G-Spot?
Two reasons:

1- It’s very hard to reach it yourself. To attempt to find it on yourself, slide your palm down your stomach. All the way to your vagina then enter your vagina with 1 or 2 fingers and curl those finger up towards your belly once they are 2-3 inches inside of you. You should now be able to find your G-Spot.

2- It is even more elusive if you are not aroused. When your partner has you aroused and then touches your G-Spot, you are going to derive much pleasure from it. If for example you are at the gynecologist and she touches your G-Spot, you aren’t going to feel it because you are not aroused. So make sure you are turned on before you go on the hunt for your G-Spot.

Why is it I need to be aroused to find my G-Spot?

Good question. There is an area just above your G-Spot called the urethral sponge. The Urethral Sponge contains a gland called the Skene’s gland which swells and fills with fluid when you become aroused. When this happens, your G-Spot becomes more sensitive and pronounced making it easier for your partner to find it and pleasure you.


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