Secrets of a feminine goddess

There is nothing more sensual than a woman that embraces her femininity. She is accepting of her body and its urges. Women are the most beautiful creatures on earth, When they are in tune with their femininity they are loving, kind, soft and embracing.

Society teaches women to be strong to embrace their masculine side, that feminine is weak, No, feminine is the ultimate in strength. You can be strong and feminine too. I never feel more powerful than when I am totally in the zone of my femininity yet also conquering the world, being successful and reaching my goals. However, every woman wants to be ravished, loved and protected by her man. We want to feel beautiful and desired. We want to have a trusting relationship where we can completely surrender to the love and be fully giving.

Men get weak at the knees in the presence of a totally feminine goddess. I promise you it works every time. So how can you become more feminine?


I know this sounds like I’m a bit cuckoo, but trust me. Girlfriend you have to move. Dance in the living room, do yoga, take a walk and take deep cleansing breaths, put music on in the shower as you suds your body, move sensually in front of the bathroom mirror. It doesn’t matter what you do, but move. Movement is a feminine energy, and your man can tell if you are in touch with your womanly essence.

Get flowers

Do you want to know something odd? I’ve only been given flowers by a man twice in my life! How is it that the woman that loves to garden, and adores flowers only receives them from work-related activities. (If you’re a dance studio owner/teacher your house looks like a funeral home several times a year after recital!) So guess what, on a weekly basis I buy myself flowers. Usually hydrangeas, and I put them in my bedroom and they make me happy. So do yourself a favor, either tell your man that he should start buying you flowers or take charge of what makes you happy and buy your own!

Do a photoshoot

Well I did promise that this is a no holds barred website, but Caroline is definitely putting it all out there! Yes, right on the heels of my break up and acute pain, I booked a sexy photoshoot for nobody but myself. Why, well why not? I bought a boudoir package 10 years ago, and never did it. I figure I am never going to be 47 again, so I might as well embrace and love my body right where it is now. Does it look like it did 6 kids ago and at the tender age of 20? No, but I am accepting of that and love my body regardless for all that it does and how well it functions. I suggest doing a photo shoot for you. When you are there, really feel your sensuality, release your feminine energy and let it move your body as you pose. Just be immersed in the moment, don’t worry about how you look, don’t suck in your belly, just breath and be beautiful in your feminine essence. Be mesmerized by how beautiful your body can look, and if you are lucky enough to have a man in your life, then he will be eternally grateful to see some very sexy photos of you.

Spoil you!

You are worth it. Want that new dress, then buy it. Start living limitlessly and know that you are indeed the only one in charge of your happiness, and wellbeing. Want to travel. Solo travel is fun. You don’t need a partner to give you permission to start living your life. Start doing things just for you because you deserve them. You are special and you deserve beautiful things and experiences. Start embracing life and all it has to offer.

Pamper you

This is something that so many women gloss over. Believe me when I say a man can tell if you take care of yourself. Do you want to feel confident and womanly? Then book yourself a facial, a nail appointment, a wax. Maintain yourself, because that is what being a woman is all about. Do it for you though. Do it to put the best version of you out into the world. No nobody is going to see that you had a massage, but you will feel it, and glow in how good the feeling of touch is. We need to feel how good it is when we are looking and feeling our best to our core. It is so essential to our sense of well being.

Pleasure yourself sexually.

Do you know that the clitoris is the the only organ that you have that is devoted purely for sexual pleasure? I believe that is God’s way of saying you should use it. If you can’t be comfortable with yourself and your own feelings of pleasure, you are certainly not going to feel at ease with a man pleasuring you. So today, start exploring the avenues of masturbation. Does manual not do it for you? That’s common for sure. Just too much work. That’s where toys are amazing tools in your own self-discovery. A good friend suggested I buy a Magic Wand. It’s the best thing ever if you are struggling to orgasm. It truly is magic! But for a gentler exploration I highly recommend:

Remember sexual health and wellness is perfectly natural. You have to tap into your deepest womanly desires and be totally in the moment.

Lastly look in the mirror

When you are naked, look at yourself in the mirror. Admire the beauty of your body, your womanly curves, your breasts and all that makes you feminine. Be accepting of your body, love your body and see not what you perceive as flaws but love on each of those things that you are not crazy about. For so many of us, our bodies have born children and survived illness and surgeries. We need to respect our bodies. They are the temple to our soul, and nothing should feel better than to embrace our beautiful womanly bodies. Look at the wrinkles on your face, and admire them for the character they bring. Look at the way your hair caresses your breasts. Truly look at the beauty you have been given and appreciate all that you are and all that you have.


Lastly, I would be remiss to tell you what I collect. Yes, I don’t have anything I collect. No souvenirs of trips, no chatchkes, no nothing…except I seem to have a weakness for lingerie. I wear it for me. There’s nothing better than going on a date knowing that you have the naughtiest panties on earth on! It makes you feel incredibly sexy, and it doesn’t matter that he has no chance of ever seeing them, the fact is you know, and you feel it. Nothing says womanly than lacy, silky lingerie next to the skin. It makes me feel very sensual and alive. If you are in a relationship, your man deserves a little eye-candy. If you don’t normally wear sexy lingerie, why not try to surprise him tonight? My advice is to always wear it. Just change it up, hence why you need a collection of it. It’s fun and frivolous and so deliciously feminine.

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