How to Snag Yourself an Alpha Male

Oh yes ladies, if you’ve never had a relationship with an Alpha Male, I highly suggest you study my tips and go find one. They are the most challenging, yet rewarding relationships. He will keep you on your toes, keep you engaged, make you feel more womanly than you ever have. Absolutely, as Martha Stewart says, “It’s a good thing!”

So what exactly is an Alpha Male and why are they so desirable?

Well, for one thing, they are rare. Only 10% of the population falls into the category of being an alpha male. It totally makes sense. There can only be so many or the whole animal kingdom would be full of bosses. He is a born leader, and the world only needs so many leaders. An alpha male who makes things happen in his life, makes the decisions for his family, runs his own business.

An alpha male is decisive and they know what they want and pursue it with gusto. They will lead your relationship, and you had better be prepared to trust and allow them to lead.

Here are some tips to get and keep your amazing alpha male:

Look and smell great!

Alpha males look good regardless of their age. He’s not going to be a shorts and t-shirts man on your date. As a woman, you have to look good and invest in yourself as much for you as your man. That will help keep the attraction going. It’s your nails, hair, skincare, waxing etc. It’s all important because that alpha male is in demand and he notices all the minute details. Also, don’t get complacent and lazy down the road in your relationship. If you are with an alpha male, you are going to need to keep up your maintenance routine always. Alpha men are always at the top of their game and they expect the same from their woman. He seeks a woman that will challenge him on a daily basis and keep his interest.

Let him impress you

I speak with authority on this one. He is one impressive man. Listen to him when he talks, It’s never empty talk for the sake of it. This kind of man will really awaken the emotions of admiration in you. Don’t make the mistake of hiding your respect for him. Don’t feel like you have to hide your admiration. Tell what impresses you about him. It will boost his ego and please him. The more he feels pleased about you, the more he’ll want to be around you.

Also, make sure to impress him. Retain your independence, go out with friends, focus on your career. Don’t be clingy with him. Make sure to always be working on you. Make him desire to be with you.

Don’t be a weeping willow

Stand up to him when he’s doing wrong by you. I know that I’ve made this mistake before, When I wasn’t being treated with fairness or respect, I didn’t speak exactly what was on my mind. I’d brush the issue, but out of respect for his privacy, wouldn’t be forthright and attack it head-on. That always left me with this uneasy feeling, guessing what was actually going on. Huge mistake ladies. You have a right to know. Don’t be bamboozled like I was. If he is a true alpha male, he will answer with honesty and respect you for asking the hard questions.

Set the boundaries

A true alpha male does not enjoy a clingy woman and will seldom devote an entire day to her. He is independent and needs his space. So find that common ground, the things you do enjoy together and make sure that when he goes off and does his own thing, that you have plenty of your own interests to keep you happy and fulfilled.

He is in the lead

Make no mistake about it, when you are with an alpha male, he is going to lead and to keep the natural balance in your relationship you must allow it. Quite honestly, it can be such a lovely, positive dynamic. So many women are leaders in their careers, and that side of them is almost alpha female, that it is fabulous to be in a relationship where you can relax, not make all the decisions. Allow yourself the luxury of being cared for and protected by an alpha male, it makes for great polarity within your relationship.

Keep your cards close to your chest

Be an onion, a sensual gorgeous onion that you expose yourself one layer at a time. Keep the mystery, and allow it to unfold slowly to keep him engaged and leaning in. Don’t allow him to get bored with you. Revealing yourself slowly will allow him to appreciate how truly amazing you are. It’s a sure way to his heart.

Don’t be a people pleaser

An alpha male knows his mind, what pleases him and will follow his heart and does what he likes. They don’t waste their time pleasing other people or following society’s expectations in a relationship. He is his own man. You aren’t going to change that, so embrace it and accept him just the way he is. He isn’t going to want to be a woman that can’t say “No” to others. Be strong here. Stand up for your self and what you believe in. You will gain his respect and he will see you as a fully formed woman, one he can’t resist.

Be passionate

Nothing takes a man’s breath away than a woman who is ambitious and has a strong desire to succeed. A driven woman is an intriguing one. A true alpha male will get bored with a woman that does not have the desire to better herself and keep forward momentum. Whatever you do in life, do it wholeheartedly with passion and enthusiasm. No half measures. Nothing will create more interest and admiration from an alpha male.

Be Confident

Nothing says “I am a beautiful desirable feminine woman” than the one that carries herself with confidence. She knows what she wants when she wants it and knows she is a catch. This confidence is kryptonite to an alpha male. He wants to be with a woman that turns heads when she walks into a room, not so much for her external beauty but for the confidence that exudes from within. Nothing says sexier than a well-groomed woman that commands respect and sideways glances because she walks and talks with confidence. An alpha male will be thrilled to have a woman like this on his arm.

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