How to be the ultimate classy lady

A lady is the epitome of womanhood. The number one thing that men have said to me on initial dates, is that I am a lady. Odd right, because aren’t we all? Well, apparently not. Ladies, learn to sit with your legs together or crossed, sit up tall and carry yourself with pride. Let that inner goddess radiate and when you walk in the room make sure that your presence is felt just by your essence. Nothing feels better than when you can sense people watching you.

When we are in our female zone and embracing our femininity we are beautiful and ethereal, we demand respect and females are innately gorgeous. Yes, every one of us is sublime when we are totally comfortable owning our womanhood. This is what is irresistible to men. A woman that is confident in her own beauty. That’s the kind of woman other woman aspire to be. She’s strong and graceful and makes her man feel more like a man when he’s with her.

Is being a lady all about your appearance and how you dress? No, not at all. Of course, it has something to do with it. If you always wear jeans and a t-shirt, try going out of your comfort zone and wear a dress. Let’s face it, only women can wear a dress. It’s the ultimate statement that you are comfortable in your femininity, and when you wear one, you become instantly more womanly and you feel more in touch with your sensuality.

To me, more than anything, a woman is kind and friendly to all she meets. She treats everyone with respect and is friendly, polite, graceful and loving. A lady is someone that puts everyone at ease, men love to be around her and women admire her. She blends in when she needs to, and never has to work to be the center of attention, she naturally will glean admiring glances, she doesn’t need to solicit them. Here are my tips on how to be not just a woman, but a lady.

Ease and Flow

Be gracious about what life deals you. Accept what you can not change with maturity and grace. Nothing speaks volumes about your worth as a lady than how you handle yourself under pressure. When a stressful situation is handed to you, don’t overreact. Be accepting of the fate, and show the people around you that you are a real class act.

Be Graceful and Elegant

Try your hardest to move with gracefulness. We can’t all be dancers, but crashing into tables or being heavy handed at the dinner table is not attractive. Don’t slouch on the couch, and watch how you sit. The way you carry yourself is so very important.

Make your man feel needed and like a real man.

Nothing says sexier to me than a man who is naturally protective. You have to allow him to protect you. Let him know you admire him for it, and you notice how he takes your hand to guide you. You may not be a damsel in distress, but men need to fill this primal instinct. Let him feel more the man for being true to himself. The more that you let your man be the protector in your relationship, the more he will love and adore you.

Be easy on the ears

Nothing is more annoying than a shrill voice like nails on a chalkboard. Also, make sure you are speaking in a confident, normal level. No one wants to be with a woman that loud and obnoxious.

Be friendly and smile a lot. A smile can light up the conversation between you and your beau, and it for sure will melt his heart when you have only eyes for him and you are smiling.

Foul language

Nothing sounds less ladylike than a woman that swears. Be intelligent and find delightfully descriptive words that don’t make you sound like a drunk sailor. Wit is so much more enticing than a potty mouth. A lady never swears!

Never, ever air your dirty laundry in public

So you’re mad at your man, and you start to have little digs at him in front of your friends. That’s a definite NO! A lady will never try to disrespect or shame her man in public. Wait for the appropriate time to discuss it calmly. Emasculating your man is a very quick way to lose him. Remember this if you don’t remember anything else. A lady will always have her man’s back in public even if she questions him in private.

Be worldly

Every man is a sucker for an intelligent woman. Be well traveled, know what’s going on in the world. Watch the news in the morning so you at least know the world headlines. Be a sponge for learning. Always trying to improve your knowledge. Be generous with your advice and chose your words carefully. Be so smart that your man can’t but help admire your ability to think outside the box.

Be a gracious host and a fabulous guest.

Wherever you go treat people with genuine friendliness. A lady is a people’s person and she puts those around her at ease. Speak to people warmly when you are a guest, and make people feel right at home when they are a guest. I like nothing more than entertaining, and yes I love all the finishing touches, but I also want to make everyone that comes into my home feel comfortable, so I make sure to keep a plentiful supply of drinks on hand. Have you ever met a woman that is so generous of spirit that you instantly warm to her? That’s the essence of a true lady. She’s gracious, fun, charming and knows how to make people feel important.

Mind your P’s and Q’s.

It amazes me how quickly we forget to say please and thank you. You know how we always remind our children about the magic words? Well, they are magical with adults, and nothing says you are a classy lady than one that has good manners. You make people feel special when you are polite to them.

Remember that being a lady is all-encompassing. It’s your appearance, the way you treat others and more importantly the way you make people feel around you. You never feel you are more important or “above others” You are kind and patient to a fault. You are the Goddess that every man desires to be with and would be proud to have a lady like you on his arm.

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