As a regular runner, you must look for a reliable way to manage your daily fluid intake. Water bottles and waist packs are not considered as a preferred option now that we have many high-quality hydration vests in the market.

So whether your goal is to stay hydrated for a marathon or short distance run, it is essential to invest in a hydration pack that suits your requirements.

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 best hydration packs for running in the market today. We are going to review these products on the basis of their comfort, storage capacity, and hydration capacity to help you make a better informed decision.

1. Nathan Trailmix Running Vest/Hydration Pack

Smart storage and durable hydration is the ultimate definition of this hydration vest. Nathan TrailMix Running Vest/Hydration Pack is comfortable, affordable and comes with ample capacity.

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The key features of this hydration vest are:

  • The mesh is super breathable, thus making it a great choice for hot/humid days
  • This vest has good adjustability. There are 2 lateral straps on each side of the vest, and 2 on the front to give you multiple options for a comfortable fit
  • The chest straps are over the sliding scale, so you can easily pick their ideal position and also switch up when required
  • This vast is incredibly stable and has little bounce, thanks to the multitude of its straps
  • The Nathan TrailMix Vest features bungee cords over the back for convenient trekking pole storage
  • It has zippered pockets for storing important items but lacks key clip or whistles
  • This hydration vest has a hose and 2L bladder and can easily accommodate front bottle storage. Also, the bladder hose can slip through the small holster on both sides of the vest so you can decide which side suits you the best
  • Apart from the 2L bladder, it has 7L of gear storage, thus a very good blend of small gear storage and a fantastic hydration system
  • There are 3 stretchy pockets on the front, long and stretchy pockets without closure on both sides and an additional small stretch pocket on the right side of this vest
  • The external pocket on the backside is long and zippered. Its opening is narrow, but it can still store important stuff like keys

2. TETON Sports Trailrunner Hydration Backpack

On your next running expedition, be sure to have the most lightweight and convenient hydration companion of all times-the TETON Sports Trailrunner Hydration Backpack.

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You can keep it with yourself when you run, cycle, or hike. It is very comfortable and can easily fulfill your much-needed hydration demands:

  • It is a 2L hydration bladder, finished with a durable, lightweight push-lock tempered valve and twist-free sipping tube
  • There is a large 2-inch opening for ice, so it is relatively easy to clean than other products on this list
  • It has a low-profile athletic cut with full adjustment options to fit anyone comfortably
  • The comfort-wedged strap mesh covering ensures that you can wear this vest for hours without getting tired
  • It has an integrated orange whistle and reflective trim for nighttime safety
  • The strap clips are given (to keep the vest secure) with an adjustable waist belt (to provide you maximum comfort and stability)
  • It comes in a variety of colors i.e., orange, red, and black, and blue, which means you can choose your favorite color and enjoy your hydration vest even more
  • The 2L hydration bladder is BPA-free and is more substantial than other fellow competitor products
  • The deep front pockets allow you to carry extra necessary items while the bungee cord makes it easy to take along the running/hiking helmet that you may have
  • This vest is adjustable in the waist, chest, and shoulders so you can expect a great fit every time you use it

3. CamelBak Women’s Charm Hydration Pack

CamelBak hydration pack is the most minimalist pack in our list. It has a women’s specific fit and a perfect option for ladies who are looking for a simple, lightweight hydration vest when they only need to take along bare essentials on their adventure trip.

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This vest offers great features, including:

  • It features a very lightweight design that allows you to carry a decent amount of water or any other beverage for a 2-3 hour hike
  • The overall design is simple but still holds an edge with two amazing color options
  • It is designed to be an ergonomic product and packs a comfortable lining that can be adjusted according to the curvature of your body
  • The open valves enable this vest to deliver upto20% more water than a regular water bottle. This vest operates with an off/on-lever, which makes it easy for you to regulate and prevent leaks from happening
  • The vest itself is wear/tear-resistant and highly durable
  • The handles are ergonomic, thus allow you to fill the bladder without any problem
  • The material used in construction is a lightweight, comfortable, and breathable mesh so you can wear it on high-activity events without becoming annoyed by the accumulation of sweat on your back
  • It features a reflective accent so other hikers and runners can see you clearly in low-light conditions
  • The fit of this vest is specially designed for women. It comes with a short back panel and a patented S-curved harness to make sure that it sticks to your body
  • This pack is super easy to take apart and clean
  • A lot of buyers like the presence of small zipper pockets where they can place their valuables

4. Saloman Adv Skin 12 Set Hydration Stretch Pack for men and women

Now you can take on rugged terrains and long races with the help of Salomon Adv Skin 12 Set Hydration Stretch Pack. It is a low-profile solution for your gear storage and hydration during long training marathon and arduous hiking.

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For greater comfort and overall performance, this hydration vest features:

  • As compared to its predecessors, this model comes with more fit adjustments on the back and sides, so it is more comfortable and less bouncy
  • The chest straps are very thin and easy to adjust. The tension of the straps can be adjusted on the fly to keep this vest snug and comfortable
  • This vest can pack along collapsible hiking poles
  • The design of this hydration pack makes you realize how accessible everything can be while you are on the go
  • The layout of this vest can put 1L of water in a decent drinking position and has adequate storage to hold plenty of food items as well
  • There are 2 (500ml) chest-mounted soft flasks and 1 insulated sleeve at the back that can easily accept a 2L bladder
  • The position of these soft flasks is amazing. They are within your reach for stress-free hydration without being prominent
  • The elongated design of the bottles enables them to lay smooth against your chest, making them almost invisible
  • You can fit your complete base kit into the back zippered storage comportment and a 2L water reservoir. Moreover, this latest model has easily accessible front pockets that are purposefully designed and are well-thought-out
  • It also features huge stretched zippered pockets on the rear of the vest, which allows for a tremendous amount of storage capacity

5. Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack

Due to its gorgeous design, lightweight feel, and overall convenience level, the Nathan Vaporhowe Hydration Pack is famous among many runners and hikers.

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This snug and breathable hydration pack can perfectly fit a runner’s form through its unique and distinctive features:

  • The turquoise hue and periwinkle lines over the vest make this hydration pack appealing and attractive looking
  • This 12oz. vest feels way lighter than it looks, which is mainly because of its amazing 12L storage capacity
  • This vest fits well and sits high on the users back
  • There are adjustable straps over the sternum (with 3 contact points), under the chest area and on the sides for high compression and low bouncing
  • It comes with multiple pockets, and even though this vest is very small and compact, it still allows you to keep your flask, keys, phone, and other essentials
  • The pockets here are positioned strategically i.e., you can keep keys in a zippered pouch at the top, keep your phone in deep side pockets, and other necessary items in pouches that are deep enough to keep things safe but also easy enough to take them out when needed
  • The side straps can compress the vest with a simple pull and enable you to make adjustments on the go
  • The bladder is patented for its hourglass shape and internal fluid regulator to reduce the splattering sound that could annoy you during long runs
  • The softness of its fabric makes sure that no chaffing occurs while you are running, and the breath ability can prevent your back from becoming sweaty and hot
  • There is reflective taping on the back and bottom front that offers additional safety during night or early morning runs

6. Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

This hydration vest is one of the most popular packs out there in the market. This product is a very solid choice with lots of storage space inside.

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Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack:

  • It is a premium hydration pack that is packed with ventilated comfort and dedicated features
  • The functionality of this vest is evident, especially when you are riding technical and rough terrains, thanks to its hipbelt and BioStretch harness
  • The baffles are specially designed in a 3L hydraulic reservoir to decrease the movement of water and to increase the pack stability during speedy hiking
  • The zippered hydration sleeve provides convenient refilling. The hose of this vest can go over your right shoulder’s strap to the chest strap, where it meets a magnetic disk to give you on-the-go access
  • The front zippered stash pocket features heat-embossed scratch-resistant lining to hold your routine gears safely. The dual-zippered hipbelt pockets give you safe storage for your items. The air-mesh hipbelt is a breathable and ride-stabilizing covering
  • The Atilon foam frame sheet permits forceful body movements while spreading the weight across the back panel
  • The LidLock attachment is easy to use and can carry cycling items safely
  • The blinker light attachment is present near the base of the front panel of this hydration vest and enables you to quickly add light attachments for better visibility in the dark
  • There is a removable roll-out tool sack that can be found integrated into its own pocket for fast access
  • The manufacturers of Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack will happily repair the vest in case of any defect or damage, and if you want, they will also replace the product with a new one free of cost

Final Thoughts

Hydration vests have been a total game-changer, which is mainly because they are convenient, lightweight, and do not causing any irritation, sweating, or chaffing to the user. Unlike other products,
these hydration packs do not hang off from your body and give you a comfortable and relaxed running/hiking/trailing experience.

These products are included in the list by keeping the particular needs of a runner in mind. We have added the products that are a great fit to the body, less expensive, features unique and distinctive features, and offers more storage than a regular water bottle holder.

If you are ready to take your hydration gear to the next level, there is no better way of doing so than buying one of these products reviewed above. We have narrowed down the choices for you to 6 best hydration packs in 2020, so you can make a well-informed decision.


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