The Two Things You Need to Have A Man Fall in Love with You

The two things you need to have a man fall deeply in love with you

We are all guilty of this. The idea that a man is going to fall for us because of how sexy, well-dressed, intelligent, well-spoken, and beautiful we are. We try so hard to be everything we think a man wants us to be, that we lose “US”. We lose our very essence, and that is what is at the core for attracting the man of our dreams and unlock his heart.

Have you ever tried to be everything to a man that you’ve been taught to be? Funny, incredible in bed, pretty, amazing personality and witty banter only for him to leave you for a woman who isn’t any of those things? It makes you wonder what that man really wants, and what he sees in that other woman, right?

Yep, well it’s happened to me, and it’s agonizing. You look at the photos of his new love interest and agonize why he’s chosen her over you. Attraction has nothing to do with personality, looks, sex or an incredible sense of humor. It has to do with how you make him FEEL. It’s how deep down, he feels he wants to be and stay close to you. That he can’t get enough of you. It’s that feeling that drives him to be devoted to you and creates a desire within him to make you incredibly happy. 

So yes, men are visual creatures. They will initially be attracted to you based on your looks, but the staying power comes from how you make him feel. The great part of this, is that you can trigger this kind of attraction in any man. How? By being so self-possessed and comfortable in your own skin that you exude confidence and have a high enough self-esteem to boost his too. You are so sure of yourself at such a deep level that he finds you endlessly magnetic, yet emotionally safe to be with. 

Those are the two key things a man needs to fall for you in such a deep and profound way. He needs to find you intriguing with an air of mystery and he needs to feel emotionally safe with you. Safe enough that he can express his emotions, The only way to a man’s heart is through the emotional connection.

You want to be the intricate, complex woman that you are, one that intrigues and fascinates him, yet also the nurturing, warm, kind, vulnerable and sensitive feminine being that you are. This combination is the path to allow him to feel safe to be vulnerable and exposed with you and for him to open his heart and fall deeply in love with you.

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