The three top tips to get him to fall for you

The three top tips to get him to fall for you

The three top tips to get him to fall for you

Times have changed. Women are often more than self-sufficient. We are earning more than ever before, we own our own homes, and we can pretty much do whatever we put our minds too.

However, we are still wired to want the same things that women have wanted for decades. We still want the romantic notion of a man who cares enough for us that it is his greatest desire to make us happy for the rest of our lives. A commitment to make our lives better, to make us feel secure in his love for us, and that we would never have to guess how he felt for us.


I am the biggest culprit when it comes to “Doing things” for my man. Let me take you on trips, plan fun things for us to do together, clean your bathroom, cook for you, do, do, do….

Doing is essentially a masculine trait. You step outside of your feminity when you do things for your man. You block him from allowing him to perform what innately he’s wired for.  A man wants to provide security for you. He does this by DOING things for you, mowing your lawn, taking you out to dinner, planning exciting and connective activities together.

I understand that you have more than enough money to pay for dinner, and you don’t need anyone to take care of you, however, your man still desires to feel that he provides security for you in some way.

When you allow him to make the plans, successfully execute dates and activities, when you allow him to take care of you, you allow him in. You allow him to feel connected to you, more of a man.

He provides security for you by pursuing you and doing romantic, caring things that show how much he feels for you.

So no matter how difficult it is to accept help, and allow yourself to be vulnerable, give him the gift of graciously accepting his help. Allow him to feel more like a man around you, than any other woman. You will have him hooked.

Make it HIS choice

You can’t make a man give what he is not willing to give. Trust me on this one. If you try to chase down a man, and you have to convince him as to why he should date or commit to you, you are doomed from the start. If you have to “sell” him on you, he is never going to value your worth.

You can’t talk a man into doing things for you he doesn’t want to do. You can’t guilt him into being romantic, buying you flowers, and fulfilling your need to have a man that’s devoted to you.

I am not saying you have no say. You absolutely have the choice to not accept behavior that doesn’t serve you. Being with a selfish man that doesn’t attempt to meet your needs, and make you happy is not what you deserve, You have the choice to not accept it, and walk away. You also have the ability to express what you want from him and inspire him to step up and be the man you need. It’s all about HOW you go about achieving this.

Be open and receptive to him

One of the most powerful attributes a woman can possess is graciousness. When your man steps up and tries to communicate better, tries to be more attentive, and showers you with affection, accept it with grace and appreciation. Don’t try to punish him for how he made you feel before. Don’t give him the cold shoulder if you don’t want him to go back to being distant again.

Accept his efforts, soften towards your partner and allow him to feel that a direct benefit of his efforts is that you “melt: into him. Make him feel alive, appreciated and like a successful partner. Let him feel like a man, then you’ll have him eating out of your hand.

How to feel completely loved

Stop working so hard at it. The more effort you put in, the less you’ll get out. Inspire him to want to do his job which is to put the romance back into your relationship. When he does that, he gains you as a devoted, faithful partner that reciprocates with great sex, and affection. He gains a partner that makes him feel more like a man than ever before.

So stop putting up the barriers that don’t allow him to fulfill his job. Allow him to spoil you, plan romantic trips away, treat you like you deserve.

Work on you, focus on how to boost your self-esteem and sense of self-love. Your man will see this confident woman, and realize he has to work hard to keep you.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and express to your man why it’s so important that he steps up and does his job as your partner. That it’s the glue that keeps you together, and keeps your sex life spicy, and makes you want him more than any other man. It’s when he understands that, that the gains he will make by making the effort, you will no longer be frustrated and heartbroken, but empowered and feeling like the balance is back in your relationship. You will feel cherished and adored, and most of all, secure.

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