You know when your partner could have a field day criticizing you because he knows you so well words and could go for the jugular. A man that never batters you with his words is one to treasure, for that is kindness. Our words can be so damaging, and you can’t get them back in the can once they spewed out of your mouth. Instead you words can repair and uplift your partner. 

True love doesn’t come from finding the perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. It’s odd, men tend to put me on a pedestal. It’s an uncomfortable place to be. Every man that I’ve had a relationship with thinks that I am all that and a whole bag of chips. I’m not, I am a flawed individual, so I am always caught off guard when men say that I am “refreshing” that I “stand out from the pack”

I seek a man that exudes kindness and thoughtfulness. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Kindness is EVERYTHING. It is the very essence of love, the core of what love is, and love can not exist without kindness. Love is acceptance, embracing the flaws and imperfections and growing closer because of it. 

It’s about being vulnerable and totally exposed with our partners trusting that they will protect and uplift us. When we open ourselves up, we allow our hearts to draw closer and allow tenderness and intimacy in. Couples that are truly vulnerable with each other can’t wait to share their days, the good and bad with one another. It’s a no-judgment zone. It’s really special and something to be treasured. 

Dedicate time in your relationship to talk, to discuss your fears, and draw closer. It is truly in sharing of your hopes and needs that you deepen your relationship and find the keys to love.

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