The Choice

I choose to live every day intentionally. I am not going sit back and passively watch my life pass by. The things that I do not like, I am working like a demon to fix them. It’s that hunger that I am most grateful for. It’s the daily choice to make a decision that every day I am going to choose to live mindfully and with purpose. That every day instead of thinking with a limiting belief, I am going to think expansively and with gratitude. I am going to infuse my life with abundance and be grateful for what I do have and a positive mindset go after the things I still desire to live fully and abundantly. 

We’ve all been there. Where we look at the stack of bills, and we look at our bank account balance and realize that it’s not going to stretch to even cover the essentials. We can choose to wallow in self-pity or we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, and realize by counting our blessings, that no matter if we are behind on the rent, we still have a roof over our heads. If your car gets repossessed, but there’s public transportation to get around with, then we are still mobile and we don’t have to worry about a huge car payment.

Life hands you lemons and we endeavor to make lemonade. We don’t always choose the hand we are dealt, and sometimes divorce, sickness, getting laid off from our job sucks, but guess what? You are stronger than that. You are going to win out in the end with the power of positive thinking and manifest the life of your dreams.

As you sit there, broken and maybe broke, think about something that you would love to do. Let’s say it’s to take your kids to Europe. Imagine sitting at the cafe in Paris eating the most delicious croissant. You can smell it, and see the sights, and spot the flower market in the distance. Life couldn’t be better. Where that my dear is your happy place, where every day you are taking baby steps towards the goal of that family vacation. 

Allow yourself to think big. It’s a choice. If you think abundantly, your life will suddenly transform and the money will be free-flowing, and you will feel freer and happy than ever before. No more money worries. 

 Yes, are you going to have to work your but off? Yes, you have months of slog ahead of you, but it is going to be so worth it. You are going to feel the passion and fire ignite within you that will fuel you to work long days towards your dreams and goals. When you love what you do, it never feels like work, it’s life at it’s fullest. 

Will money make you happier? Well, it certainly helps not to have to stress about how to pay your bills and afford the freedom to live the life you choose. No matter how much money you have, you still have to daily make The Choice. The choice to be grateful, positive and to live with an open, abundant mindset.

All you need is The Choice, a goal, and the will to work so hard to achieve it. This is all possible. It’s a gift for all of us.

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