The 5 Best Rated Orgasmic Sex Pillows For 2020

The 5 Best Rated Orgasmic Sex Pillows For 2020

The best sex pillows…ah yes!

Want to add some spice and variety not to mention some immense pleasure to your life? Then it’s time to add some sex positioning pillows to your bedroom. Sex furniture can add some magic to your sex life…trust me!

1. Liberator Axis Hitachi Sex Positioning Pillow/Magic Wand Mount, Velvish Aubergine

You know how much I rave about The Hitachi Magic Wand, well even better is a pillow that holds the wand in the perfect place while you get pleasured from behind. I’m telling you it’s absolutely yummy, and this is the favorite sex pillow of all time, (and I have a few).

The cushion elevates your hips for a deeper more satisfying penetration all while you are more supported not to mention getting the best clitoral stimulation from any toy ever! You are going to feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

2. The Bedroom Adventure Sex Pillow 2 pc set

This inflatable 2 pc pillow set is perfect for a multitude of positions from a far more comfortable 69, to an amazingly deep missionary style. It’s versatile, and inflatable that you can even travel with it. Amp up the anticipation with a position facing away from your partner so you can’t see them. What’s coming your way next—Mouth? Hands? Toy? The not knowing will drive you wild with desire!

3. Bounce Chair…for Naughty Fun!

Now this one you might decide to hide in the closet when you have guests over. Luckily it does fold for easy storage. Super fun for a little kinky BDSM, or even just some playful submissive handcuff romp. It comes complete with accessories including a blindfold, wrist restraints, and sexy straps.

4. Cylindrical Sex Pillow

This a perfect cylindrical pillow that you can use to elevate your rear to a perfect position for deliciously deep penetration, or as a support for the woman as her partner as lazy spooning sex. It’s fully washable, and inflatable so easy to travel with.

5. Cushion with bondage straps

Yes, baby! This sexy beast is totally going to do it if you love a submissive/dominant bedroom tryst. Just straight forward fun, Machine washable and inflatable. This is a must for your bedroom pillow collection!


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