How to be more Feminine

For some of us, being feminine doesn’t come naturally. Let’s face it we live in an era that encourages us to be more masculine. The epitome of success and ambition is masculine, right? Well, no, but I’ll come back to that topic.

I was born naturally feminine. I was definitely a girly girl, and other than being competitive, I had no desire to keep up with my brothers. As the only girl in my family, I was definitely different, and I was okay with that. I loved to dance and bake with my mother. I loved sewing and creating , and wearing dresses, and all things pretty and pink. Fast forward to high school with acne and horrible regulation green school dresses with wait for it, nylon high waist panties. Really, can you imagine anything worse than green, thick elasticated panties? Still even though at an all girls school I was definitely taught about conquering the world, yet I still kept my very feminine qualities.

Women were created to be strong, empowered and formidable, not in spite of your sex, but because of it. True feminine beauty is sourced from deep with a woman and is manifested through our emotions, actions and thoughts when in complete harmony with our purpose as a woman.

Here are my suggestions to enhance your femininity:

Be kind and show the love

Nothing is more feminine than kindness. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Love the people in your life. Treat strangers with compassion and kindness. If you see them struggling offer to help. I love nothing more than brightening a supermarket teller’s day, by chatting to them, or complimenting them. A kind word can make someone’s day and it makes the world go around so much easier. A kind, loving woman is feminine.

Be the woman that always brightens a person’s day

Nothing is more attractive and charming than a woman who sends off positive vibes and has the mentality of “a glass half full”. Who wants to be around a Debbie Downer? It’s a drain to be around someone with negativity and pessimism. Be lighthearted and playful. When you are fun and able to laugh at yourself you are a magnet. Men are drawn to a woman who is humorous and looks at the world in a positive light.

Refine your language

Needless to say, sounding like a drunk sailor is not attractive nor feminine. The english language is full of rich and flavorful words that when used with some intelligence can really make your point and emphasize that you are feminine, and in this case, smart too. Leave the swearing for others, you need to be a class act.. There’s a time and place for everything but eloquence here wins out every time.

Declutter your life

If you’re a busy woman this is a tough one, and probably my downfall. It’s not just physical clutter, but mental clutter from unfinished projects, having too many balls up in the air, and where does all this paperwork come from? It seems to multiply by the day.Yikes! So mental clutter is my achilles heel and I need to get realistic as to what a single woman with many interests, 6 kids and a busy, full career can actually manage.
Decluttering your physical space and making your home a sanctuary is so very important to your sense of well being and calm, and nothing says feminine more than a romantic, organised space. Removing non-essential items restores a sense of calm and tranquility and that feeling of serenity reminds us as to what is important in our lives.

Wear feminine clothing

Wearing clothing that men can’t wear (or at least shouldn’t) says womanly and feminine all over it. Silk, lace, dresses and skirts automatically make you feel more sensual and womanly. I wear yoga pants everyday of my life between working out/walking daily or teaching dance to my students, however, I almost always wear a dress outside of these activities. It makes for balance, and it keeps me in touch with my feminine side. There’s nothing wrong with a cute top and jeans, but if you truly want to be in your feminine a dress underlines the fact that I am a woman. Lingerie is really important too. I think I have a problem when it come to my collection! I mean how much lingerie does one woman need? If you’re me, clearly a lot. I wear it for me, (mostly because not too many men have gotten to see it) it makes me feel innately sexy, and nothing says feminine more than lace or silk next to the skin.

Slow down

Become aware of your environment and all the senses around you. The bird chirping outside, the sounds of the waves crashing at the beach, the feel and texture of clothing, the softness of your bed sheets. What do you feel, hear, taste, smell,or see? Don’t try to control these sensations, just awaken yourself to the world around you. As women, we have a tendency to want to control the unknown, but in true feminine essence, you need to be present in the moment or you risk repelling or attracting things that you don’t necessarily want.

Being in touch with who you are, taking the time to love yourself, learning to relax and indulge yourself (and I’m not talking about eating bon bons on the couch). Learning to love and accept your body, and get comfortable with it. Learning to move your body and tap into your sensuality are all ways to feel more feminine and awake your inner goddess.

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