Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

One of the reasons that I have never gone the laser route (and believe me I have thought about it!) is because just like the head of hair fashion trends, there are trends “down there” too, and God forbid the full bush comes back and I am permanently as bald as a baby. I love the thought of lasering, and having zero maintenance, no regrowth, and let’s face it no waxing pain.

You are definitely going to become quite intimate with your waxing technician, you might as well find one that’s easy to chat too. I love mine, and I enjoy our monthly catch-up. Yep ladies, getting your butt crack waxed is not necessarily dignified, so you might as well get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

When it comes to hair removal down there, it can get a bit confusing, and as a woman walking into a waxing establishment you want to have an idea what you’re asking for, right? It’s not a bad idea to ask your partner what he prefers too, because although it’s your body/your choice I’m pretty sure you want him to be turned on, and if au natural doesn’t do it for him you may want to consider your options.

See my reviews on home laser removal machines and wax machines here. If you want a great deal on a home waxing kit that I personally own and rave about.

1. Gigi Student Starter Hair Removal Waxing Kit

If you are interested in doing a Brazillian, then I suggest purchasing the Brazilian hard wax (No muslim strips required) for your bikini line. It’s a fantastic wax that works just like a professional wax. You’ll be amazed at the results.

2. GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax 396g/14oz

Au Natural

Yes, the ’70s want their bush back. This is where you are happy with what God gave you, and maybe with a bit of trimming, you love the natural look and so indeed does your partner. I bet my bottom dollar that a full bush is going to make a comeback. A retro hairstyle indeed.

Amazing designs

Yep, want a heart-shaped bikini hairline? That can happen. Glitter tattoos, Full moon which is basically a circle shape into the hairline. You need a very skilled wax tech who can expertly get clear edges and not pull the hair in the wrong direction. These are fun fad bikini lines, and great to use to spice things up with an established lover.

Bikini line touch up

If you like things on the more natural side but would like things to look a little cleaner, then this will give you more definition and will look far prettier without tufts of hair protruding from your bikini. Hair is removed anywhere outside of a modest bikini line, so the sides and above your panty line.

Full Bikini line

You still want to keep your undies on when going for a wax…well you can still keep your dignity intact with this wax. This still keeps the natural look but is even more manicured and a whole lot neater and kempt.

The Landing Strip

This is also known a French Wax, and it leaves all the hair on the labia and around the back but most of the hair is taken from the front. The shape of the hair in the front is completely up to you, a strip, a triangle or a postage stamp…maybe switch it up for variety!

The Brazilian

Yep, this is the one where you are going to bare all for your waxer, and all the hair from your labia, to your butt crack, is going to removed. If you want a completely clean and totally smooth feel, go Brazillian. You’ll love it!

A few tips before you visit the salon:

  • Yes, the first time that you wax, especially if you are doing a Brazillian it is going to hurt…a lot
  • If you have a sunburn, delay your wax
  • During and straight after your period you have heightened sensitivity. You should schedule for a few days afterward
  • You can purchase numbing creams, but don’t use ice as it closes your pores
  • Take a warm bath right before leaving home, and take a couple of Tylenol
  • Exfoliate a few days prior to remove dead skin that will cling and hold on to the hair making it more painful
  • More than anything, breathe. Take a deep, long breath right before she pulls the was strip and breathe out deeply as she pulls. Just like in childbirth it works. If your tech is great, then she’ll talk you through your breathing. I swear, it works like a charm

The best news is that once you’ve got a few waxes under your belt, you’ll have it down and it won’t be as embarrassing, or painful. Remember to exfoliate between waxes to remove ingrown hairs.


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