It’s really not that difficult. Deep down we are really simple creatures. We have simple needs, and with just a few small gestures we can feel loved and so special that it makes us want to give you all of us. Make a pact that you are going take pick two to practice each day. It’s going to rock your world!

  • Don’t make her beg for your attention. To her, your time equals your love. She shouldn’t have to wait hours and hours for a return to her text. You are never too busy to text her a “Good Morning, Sunshine”, or even in a jam-packed workday there’s always a minute to send a text to say you are thinking of her. If she means a lot to you make the effort to spend time with her, take her out on dates, and call her.
  • Publically let the world know of your affections. Hold her hand in public as a sign that you are with her and she belongs to you and you are proud of her. Declare to your friends and family that she is the best thing next to sliced bread, and let her hear how you put her up on a pedestal. A cherished and secure woman will give back tenfold.
  • Look at her when she’s talking, and REALLY listen to her. What is she saying, what is her heart trying to tell you? Ask her probing questions, show interest in her and her life, and never demean her or make her feel inferior to you. A man that respects a woman will receive far greater admiration and respect in return. Show her that you think of her as an equal, a partner, ask her opinion on things and show her that her thoughts have value. 
  • Be a good communicator. When you leave her hanging and she starts to have doubts, she starts to overthink and the urge to nag is there. Don’t make her feel insecure. Articulate your plans, your thoughts and don’t keep her guessing!
  • Compliment her. Yes, this seems really shallow, but yes, she wants to look good for you, and even if she brushes off your compliments, she hears them  and is flattered by them. She wants you to desire her, and find her beautiful. It’s your approval she wants to hear, so darling, start complimenting her sexiness, her cooking, her good taste (in men, of course) her new hairstyle, her dress etc. She wants to hear it, I promise you. 
  • “I love you” Yes, every woman wants to hear it, but the words ring empty after a while. She wants to know why you love her, all the different ways, and she will never tire of you saying why you love her. Equally as important, be protective of her heart. When you know you have hurt her, be quick to acknowledge your wrongdoing, take responsibility and promise to do better in the future. The way you handle hurt, and the speed in which you do it will lessen the blow and can indeed strengthen your bond.
  • Show her how much you desire her. Be passionate. Push her up against a wall for a good make-out session. Whisper in her ear when you’re out on a date what you’d like to do to her later when you get home. Make her feel like a sex goddess, and you’ll see one come out in the bedroom. If you want passion, then show her how much you want to seduce her.
  • Words of affirmation and terms of enderament are music to a woman’s heart. We love to hear affriming, positive words uuttered from your mouth. It may seem trival to you, but to her those words are everything.
  • She’s not your personal assitant, your Girl Friday or the maid. Help her out with household chores, even if she says no, beleive you me she wants you to help out, and show her that you think of her as your equal. Life is too short to scrub toliets, so either help her, or if you live together and you can afford it, hire a maid service. 
  • Be her inspiration. Inspire her to live better, do more, be more creative and successful. Beleive in her and lift her spirits when she is down and doubting herself. You can make her feel like she can have it all. You can make the difference in her life.

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